The Ageless Mind

Original puzzles for regular mental workouts. 









about The Ageless Mind

Founded by Imogen Mann, The Ageless Mind was conceived as a brain exercise companion to her fitness manual for older women, The Ageless Woman, wherein she provides a practical strategy for functional fitness and healthy eating. 

Similarly, the ethos of The Ageless Mind is to provide regular workouts for the brain. The difficulty of the puzzles is almost secondary to that because just as with functional fitness, exercising the brain doesn’t need to be expressed in olympian effort to be effective. The key is to just get in the habit of doing something, be it hard or easy, the core benefit is in the attempt and the doing. 

So, decouple from your devices. Open up a physical puzzle book, and wielding nothing more than a pen or pencil, settle down to the challenge and satisfaction of puzzling. 


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